Welcome to the Story Behind The Book

This article is the back story for how I came to write my 1st book, Labor To Leadership!

After traveling about 45 weeks per year on average, for the last 10 years for business, I found myself in rather an unfamiliar territory during the “shut-down” early in 2019…. my home…alone with my wife…and 4 semi-adult children…all day…all night…everyday!

After 2 weeks or so, they all called a family meeting and gathered in unison to tell me something interesting. WE DON’T WORK FOR YOU DAD!!! Stop telling us what to do!

I was truly lost in this environment, and I unfairly shifted my attention and VERY HIGH ENERGY, towards the only people I could reach – my family!

I was fast approaching 50 years old and was always told, “Jeremy, you have a book in you with all the stories about your life!” So, I decided to sequester myself into a quiet(ish) corner of the house and start putting down some of these memories and life lessons on paper before I lost them to old age!

Six short months later and BAM, Labor to Leadership, my journey from pit digger to CEO was born!

L2L is written in two parts. The 1st half o the book is called “The Learning” and it is a chronicle of my life from basically birth to now and how I overcame a lot of adversity throughout the seasons of my life. After closer examination, I found that the early-life adversity that I had overcome was actually based on my own perspective of how the world was treating me and where I belonged in the world. Once I learned a couple of pieces of information through the years, I allowed myself to think differently. And once I started thinking and then ACTING differently, I saw steady improvement in my life and I stuck with it, built some daily disciplines that helped me achieve more than I could ever have imagined I would be able to achieve.

I found that the trick in life is to expect to be knocked down and fail, because if you do not go for things that are beyond your reach, you will never fail, but you’ll never, ever be fulfilled either with accomplishing anything. After all, my last name is TO-RISK and my blood type is B-POSITIVE, so I tend to overreach, overset, and overdrive! That’s just my personality, but it’s paid off over the years. However, it takes a village, and I’ve learned that relationships are the most important thing in any business that you’re in.

The 2nd half of the book is called “The Teaching” and it covers a lot of Business Elements that are vital to the success of a business and how you must understand how these elements all work together. I share examples of how not understanding these caused so much heartache and made it impossible for the business to thrive. I also let you in on what I used to learn about these elements at the end of each chapter!

Today, I live a “Get-To-LIFE. The number one goal for me these days is serving the people in my life: whether it’s a personal relationship or a business relationship. The more people that I help get what they want, the more I get what I want. It’s a pretty crazy rule in the universe, and it is absolutely true. Help people get what they want, and you’ll get what you want.

I did this to help myself work through some cathartic memories, and it turned out that being around some really motivating people, I was able to turn this into a book and hopefully help some other people. So, I hope that if you get your hands on a copy, that you give me some feedback, whether it’s on amazon.com or right here.

Thanks for reaching the end of this, my 1st ARTICLE!

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