Smart leaders tell
better stories.

As CEO, you don’t have time to create great sound bites for your next media interview or write a game-changing speech…but we do. Let former TV journalists use Katrina’s MUST H.A.V.E. FORMULA to make you a shining star!

Whether you are on a national broadcast like 60 Minutes or speaking to your team, it’s time to take your performance to the bank. 

Does this sound like you?

You’re a CEO with a vision but you need to be a better public speaker.
You’re a thought leader with so many thoughts, you need a journalist to help you organize and write a story that sells.

You’re a leader who knows WHAT you say and HOW you say has the power to move mountains.



Everything You Need For Your Speaking Business -now-
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That's Where Our Jermy Torisk Service Comes In

As an Emmy award-winning TV personality, I’m sharing everything I know about the media and how to tell a winning story about yourself and your company.

My mission in life is to grab your hand, jump over the river of fear, and connect you to a world who needs your voice, your gifts.


Success Secrets of the Sales Funnel

Everything You Need For Your Speaking Business -now-
Via Amazon

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See how Tim went from shying away from interviews to talking on 60 Minutes

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