Meet JT

Jeremy’s Proactive-Mindset took him from a homeless kid digging ditches to a C-Suite Executive, operating National Utility Construction Companies, which consistently generated revenues of $30-$60 million dollars annually.

After 30-years in the industry, he and his partners sold their company which allowed Jeremy to shift from building his own legacy to helping others build theirs by sharing the stories behind his struggles, along with the process, strategies, and tactics that proved to be most successful over time.

Jeremy is now the PResident and Creator of the platform “Coaching Done Better” which allows anyone wanting to improve their Mind, Body or Business, the oppurtunity to find a coach that bests matches their needs and learn about them through the coach’s resourse Vault and Video Clips as well as the coach’s Live-Stream Sessions!

Coaching Done Better is thge best and most unique way to find a coach to continue Improving Every Day!

Jeremy has written two books, and can even include a personalized message from the Chairman or Leadership Team, to the Attendees in either book!

for more information or call him at (954)338-9799 or the email is or schedule a Zoom meeting with Jeremy here

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