Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

The importance of overcoming obstacles on the path to success is well-known…but those who can overcome the circumstances that Jeremy has had to and still live happily, fulfilled, and joyous lives are extremely rare, indeed.

That he has not only done this himself, but is also able to show others how to do the same, makes him a speaker, a coach, and a consultant you’ll want to have on your team.

He also is simply one of THE most value-added practitioners I’ve ever worked with. The man takes that “extra step beyond the usual extra step” in order to provide those with whom he works an unforgettable, “WOW experience.”

Steve Nudelberg

I’m a sales doer committed to helping others “getontheball” and modernize their sales process.

When you meet Jeremy, you are instantly drawn to his high energy, relatability, and his willingness to walk the walk. Jeremy has had years of successful Management experience on a national level and is now bringing all of his lessons to help others in their quest to get better. I have totally enjoyed my time working with Jeremy as he is a natural-born storyteller with a gift for making those around him feel at ease. Take the time to meet him, you will understand.

Corey Dissin

Marketing and Business Coach. Motivator. Mentor. Branding and Social Media Specialist. Voice Over Authority. The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content. GO GET IT!

Tough + straightforward + no nonsense + winner = Jeremy Torisk. He’s someone that commands a room and your respect. Although I have had the privilege of having Jeremy as a client and trusted colleague, I have benefited much more by the honor of having him as a friend.

Larry Long Jr

CEO (Chief Energy Officer) & Keynote Speaker at LLJR Enterprises

I’m privileged to have crossed paths with Jeremy. His energy is ‘out-of-this-world’ and combined with his kind & caring heart, makes him amazing! It’s been great seeing his progress as a Professional Speaker, and I’ve been fortunate for his guidance and great support along my journey as well. It’s an honor to recommend Jeremy, and having met him several times, he’s a great storyteller, genuine and authentic, and his book is inspiring. Looking forward to the bright future ahead, as Jeremy is a joy to work, and collaborate with.

Marc Nudelberg

Former college football coach delivering the disciplines of winning to business

Jeremy defines the words work and value. I have had the privilege to work with and around him, and have seen first hand his level of commitment and passion for his work. He is constantly looking for ways to continue to grow and develop, and as he does he never passes on an opportunity to share what he has learned. During my time working with him he always showed up with a ton of energy. As I helped him craft his personal content strategy I learned about his ability to communicate and lead a diverse group of people, his experience in a wide variety of businesses and his commitment to developing his teams.

Sabriya Dobbins

Award-Winning Founder of Project Passport LLC

Jeremy is an amazing speaker and his high energy yet relatable style makes him so fun to listen to and work with! He has a way of helping you feel like you can do anything regardless of what stands in your way. Listening to him present in various occasions has been an inspiring experience because he doesn’t leave any stone unturned. He is willing to go there to talk about the hard things in order to help his audience comb their way to hope. His book was inspiring and enlightening as he has a ton of tips as a seasoned entrepreneur which I greatly appreciate. I am proud to know Jeremy and of all that he continues to accomplish!

Robert Kelley PHR, CBP, CPM

HR and Benefits Buff I Speaker I Financial Wellness Fanatic I SALGBA Board

Jeremy is a true leader, acting as a role model and always stepping up to help others. As a professional speaker, his down-to-earth and professional experiences come to life as he connects to audiences. Have had the experience to hear Jeremy speak on several occasions and was truly impressed. I am glad we connected and hope to share the speaking stage with Jeremy soon.

Anna Khaver

SHRM-CP, Junior Achievement of South Florida

Jeremy is all-around a great person. He is a true giver, leader, and a role model for next generation. We met through LinkedIn, he was eager to connect and help with whatever he could. My professional and personal mission is to help grow future, leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs by offering internship and mentorship opportunities to high school students with local companies and leaders like Jeremy. Jeremy and his team have invested in the future workforce by hosting 2 high school interns and setting them up for success. It has been a pleasure working with Jeremy, I am impressed by how great of a leader he is and how much he is eager to give back to our community. Thank you, Jeremy!

Steve Bunn

draftPros Inc.

I worked with Jeremy for years he is a very dedicated person and a go-getter if you want results Jeremy can get them for you.

Tom Markivich

Retired Project Manager

I worked in tangent with Jeremy and all I can say it was a pleasure working together. Together we worked on tracking and changing areas of the budget to ensure we were under cost and our numbers were tracked to avoid any over runs. We also worked on schedules, billing authorizations, equipment monitoring and ordering, contractor equipment and safety audits, etc. Just a few examples, but I personally would recommend having Jeremy Torisk on my team any day.

Jordan McGrath

Working with Jeremy taught me a great deal about working with our customers to develop a solid successful plan. He looked at problems as learning experiences and always took the time to stop and teach anyone who had a question. At work and in the field, he always lead by example and was the hardest worker in the room. Jeremy took my skills and helped me develop and grow as a professional and as a person. He always made sure to acknowledge employees who did a great job!

Larry Botsford

Jeremy was my direct manager at Reel Telecommunications, LLC. During my time reporting to Jeremy, he was an excellent mentor and provided clear directions from day 1. He also provided clear expectations up front. He gave me the best opportunity to succeed and it was clear he wanted me to do what I do best. I received constant recognition when schedules were met and under budget. His encouragement was beneficial and often discussed my development. I found that my opinions really mattered and his genuine care for my development was real. Recently, the company promoted me from Manager to Director. I appreciate the time spent with Jeremy and his contributions to my progression at Reel Tel.

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